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Be dependable. If you want to make your teenfriend want to have sex with you, then you should show her what an amazingly dependable guy you are.

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How to Make Sex Last Longer. This wikiHow will teach you how to make sex last longer, both before and during sex. Relax and be positive. ejaculation is as

Everything you ever wanted to know about having sex – from how to kiss to how to turn him on and beyond!

May 22, 2008 · DailyBedpost: Em & Lo ask their most impertinent question of all: what do you think of their new book?

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There’s no right or wrong way to have sex, but here we give you advice on how to enjoy the different types of sex, safely.

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Sexual intercourse in the missionary position, the most common human sex position, depicted by Édouard-Henri Avril

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Aug 25, 2013 · Today I show you the correct way to have sexual intercourse. When it comes to having sex it’s important that you take the appropriate safety precautions to

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Jan 05, 2017 · Get tips on how to perform sex for the first time and enjoy wedding night sex with your spouse with these sex tips.

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