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Meet the Ta-Ta Top, a bikini top fashioned after the female body, which features a nipple on each cup. It is pretty darn realistic:

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The TaTa Top is far more than nipples on a bikini top. #thetatatop; What’s Next? FAQ; Blog; but this nipple bikini is doing some good in the world.”

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On their website the makers of the bikini, Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, “Is it the presence of a real and true female nipple bare to the world that is so

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First we had the nipple bikini, now would YOU wear vagina pants? Artist created anatomically correct underwear to end taboo around the female form

If you’re tempted to join the Free The Nipple movement but not quite brave enough to bare it all, a new bikini brand provides a happy compromise.

Style The Nipple Bikini Lets You Go Topless Without Taking It All Off. For fans of #FreeTheNipple. NSFW.

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This is genius! Meet the Tata Top, a bikini top designed to look like you’re topless, but really you’re not! Prepare to blow people’s minds at the beach and poolside

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